To date, we’ve had nearly 500 communities over 30 countries fill out our Google Form, expressing an interest in starting a Fleet Farming Branch within their community!


We’ve had 92 international and 406 U.S. inquiries to start a branch!

As a result, Fleet Farming has been actively developing a paid-membership structure similar to social-franchising! Under this membership, Fleet Farming Branch leaders will gain access to a plethora of resources to increase their chances of successfully launching a Branch!

We expect to officially launch this membership in January 2017!

Here’s a sneak peak into what branches will get access to:

  • A Fleet Farming logo customized to your community
  • Fleet Street Team Digital Marketing Resources and Templates (e.g. Swarm Ride Flyers, Door Hangers, Business Cards, Banners for Farmers Markets, Farmlette Installation Process Photo Album, “Fleet Greens Are Sold Here” Signs for Restaurant Customers, T-Shirt Designs, Sticker Designs, Tote Bag Designs, and more!)
  • A thorough Operations Manual, which will walk you step-by-step through all aspects of managing a Fleet Farming Branch (e.g. Community Asset Mapping, Cultural Assessments, Fundraising Guide, How to Host a Swarm Ride, Navigating Local Policy and Regulations, Converting Lawns to Farmlettes, Talking to Chefs, Fleet Fruits Guide, Integrated Pest Management, and much more!)
  • Legal Resources and Templates (e.g. Volunteer Waivers for Swarm Rides, Homeowner Agreements, Restaurant Supply Contracts, and more!)
  • Bi-Weekly Online Trainings from Fleet Farming Staff