What is a Farmlette?

A farmlette is a prior lawn that is converted into a food-producing plot at least 500 square feet in size, consisting of row crops grown directly in the ground. Farmlettes are home to a wide variety of veggies, but the main crops grown are an assortment of baby greens, from Siberian Kale to Bibb lettuce, which comprise the Fleet Green salad mixes. Wherever there is grass, sun and water, be it residential or commercial yards, there is a future farmlette!

How Does it Work?

Any landowner (or renter with owner consent), can donate their chemical-free lawn to Fleet Farming. If the area is optimal for growing, we will arrange a site assessment and schedule the installation. Each landowner must sign a 2 year agreement with a suggested donation of $500 to the cover start-up costs (subsidies available for those who qualify). With over 300 lawns donated in our first two years, we have developed a wait-list for the Orlando area and hope to have at least 8 Fleet Farming branches with a total of 200 farmlettes throughout Central Florida neighborhoods by 2020.

What Are the Benefits?

As a farmlette host, in exchange for the donation of your lawn, you are allowed to harvest a share of the produce for your own use. Fleet Farming is responsible for the maintenance of the plot, but we encourage all of our hosts to be as engaged as they wish in the farming process. The only additional requirement of the host is to pay for the irrigation’s water usage (which should not exceed $1/month).

Donate Your Lawn