What is Fleet Fruit Gleaning?

With 40% of food going to waste in the US and 37% of Americans eating less than one fruit or vegetable per day, we aim to reduce these statistics by gleaning, or harvesting, under harvested fruit trees and selling and donating the produce throughout town. A list of our current fruit trees can be found under “Our Produce.”

How Does it Work?

After you have registered your fruit tree with us, simply send us an email to let us know when the fruit begins to ripen and we will come harvest. We ask that all registered fruit trees be chemically untreated and organically nurtured. After we have harvested and sold produce from your tree, we will write you a tax-deductible receipt in the amount sold for your donation.

What Are the Benefits?

Fallen fruit can attract many pests and rodents, so in addition to receiving a tax-deductible receipt and increasing access to fresh fruits in our community, we also help to keep out unwanted critters.

Register Your Tree