While we may not have had the snowstorms that ravaged much of the North East, Central Floridians are pretty happy that the chilly days are behind, and warm days await. While you can hop on over to the Audubon Market to buy our freshly harvested produce, there’s nothing stopping you from using the warm days to tend to your own garden. As we know over at East End, there is nothing quite as satisfying as growing, and eating, from your own yard.
If you are plating for the first time, take a gander over at our blog post from last year (https://www.eastendmkt.com/tag/compost/), and that will help you out from what type of compost to where to get your seeds. Once you have your garden all set, it’s time to get growing!
10 Veggies to Plant in Spring:
Lima, Pole, and Bush Beans: March – April
Sweet Potato: March – June
Cantaloupes: March – April
Sweet Corn: March
Eggplant: March – April 
Okra: February – July
Cucumber: March
Watermelon: March – April
For herbs, it may be smart to start in a pot, and then it can be transferred to your garden once it matures. Cumin, which is perfect for your homemade curry, can be planted in Orlando in the Spring, and harvested once the leaves turn brown. Rosemary is a sun lover, and fresh or dried leaves can be used for cooking. Basil is of course an easy grow, and just like rosemary, it loves the sun, plus, it also attracts beneficial insects. For a perennial herb, try mint, which can actually be grown in shade or the full sun.  So happy farming, Orlandoans, and say hello to Spring!