Feed Your City From Your Lawn

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Changing the Cycle of Food

Our organization is backed by volunteers, city residents and people just like you. With your help we can improve our environment, our health and our economy. We urge you to get involved.

Volunteer at a Swarm Ride | Donate Your Lawn | Make a Donation | Start a New Branch

Volunteer at a Swarm Ride

We host free community biking and farming events, every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month, called Swarm Rides.  We meet at a centralized location close to our farmlettes and bike out together, much like a swarm of bees, to farm on the lawns throughout the neighborhood.  This is crucial to our initiative of mobilizing people together and generating community amongst volunteers and neighbors.

These rides are currently only available in Orlando. Meet at East End Market from 9-11:30am, bring your bike, water, hat, and a snack. All tools and gloves are provided. All information is provided on our Facebook Page under the “events” tab.

Donate Your Lawn as a Fleet Farmlette

We want to transform your lawn into a farm! Our team works to solarize neighborhood lawns, till dead grass into the soil, add rich compost into rows, irrigate our farmlettes with drip irrigation, and cultivate seasonal crops. Farmlettes that are apart of our hybrid CSA are maintenanced by our urban farmers 100% with your one-time donation for the at-cost supplies. All of our farmlettes use natural pest management (no harsh fertilizers or pesticides) to promote health to local ecosystems and to divert runoff waste into waterways.

Submit an inquiry to donate your lawn to add to a local branch, or to start the “buzz” in your area. Our farmlettes must have about 8 hours of sun, access to a water source, and at least 2 years of no chemical sprays approved by a soil test.

Apply to donate your lawn.

Support with a Donation

Help us come to a city near you. Fleet Farming is dedicated to launching our program world wide but we need your help. Communities near and far from our Orlando, Florida home base are connecting with us and urging the same message – their city needs to join together to grow local food. We want to make their dreams a reality. Give a donation today and help us work towards expanding our program to farm for a healthier, more connected world.

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Start a Future Branch

Lead the food movement in your area. Fleet Farming is currently building our model to expand Fleet Farming to communities all over the world. Fleet Farming will be seeking leaders to mobilize the Fleet Farming model as a branch in your community launching in 2020. 

Show interest for a branch in your area.