What is Fleet Farming?

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Changing the Cycle of Food through Local Action

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Our organization is backed by volunteers, city residents and people just like you. With your help we can improve our environment, our health and our economy. We urge you to get involved.

Changing the way cities think about food is more than planting seeds. It is converting lawns into farms, installing impactful food gardens, and educating our community to become part of the movement for a more sustainable tomorrow.

Fleet Farmlettes

Transform your lawn into a farmlette to help the community access fresh, local food. A farmlette is a lawn converted into a productive farm plot that our team fully maintains via bicycles. We grow food for local vendors and SNAP Certified Farmer’s Markets while sharecropping with our Farmlette Hosts. Submit an inquiry to donate your lawn to add to a local branch or to start the “buzz” in your area. Our farmlettes must be at least 500 square-feet,  receive eight hours of sunlight, have access to a water source, and be at least 2 years without chemical sprays (approved by a soil test).

We host free community biking and farming events, every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month, called SWARM Rides.  We meet at a centralized location close to our farmlettes and bike out together, much like a swarm of bees, to farm on the lawns throughout the neighborhood.  This is crucial to our initiative of mobilizing people together and generating community amongst volunteers and neighbors.

These rides are currently only available in Orlando. Meet at East End Market from 9-11:30am, bring your bike, water, hat, and a snack. All tools and gloves are provided. All information is provided on our Facebook Page under the “events” tab.

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Edible Landscapes

Edible Landscapes serve those outside of our biking range so that you can grow and harvest food for your personal family and friends. We install easy to maintain, long lasting, raised garden beds that you can have fitted with automatic drip irrigation and hardy plant varieties. Edible Landscapes also offer installations of food forests. A food forest is a diverse planting of edible plants that mimic ecosystems and patterns found in nature. Choose from a wide variety of fruit trees (such as banana, mango, papaya, avocado), perennial vegetables, herbs, and edible shrubs. Please contact us below to bring edible landscaping to your home or business.

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Fleet Education

Learn how to Grow Food, Not Lawns from the Fleet Farming team. Fleet Education offers educational services for your office, school, group, or organization. We offer hour-long engaging presentations and Q&A sessions that bring Fleet Farming to you to discuss the environmental reasons for why we Fleet Farm, and how you can engage in agriculture, too. Looking to engage your group hands-on? We also offer private farming events, which are team-building educational urban agriculture experiences in Orlando, Florida. This option includes a walk or bike down “Fleet Street,” thirty minutes of education on how/why we farm, and one hour of urban farming. Please contact us below to send an inquiry to our Fleet Education team.

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