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When you purchase from “Hyper-Local” Growers, you are helping to Change the Cycle of Food!

Fleet Farming hosts plant sales, workshops, and more.

Note — vegetable plant starts, edible shrubs, and fruit trees are seasonal and first come, first serve

Note– We are located in Orlando Florida 32805. Delivery is only available for purchases over $100. Starting delivery rate of $100 for our time, gas and convenience will be applied. Any additional equipment rentals for larger purchases may be in addition to this base fee.  

What are the benefits of buying hyper-local plants starts?

  1. Some plants do well when directly seeded in your garden, while others (like eggplants and peppers) start off better in a greenhouse setting before transplanting. The Fleet Greenhouse program feeds plant starts a happy nutritious diet so their immune system can compete against pathogens or pests when in your garden!
  2. Typical plant starts purchased in large hardware stores are typically treated with harmful chemicals to keep them looking perfect while on the shelf.
  3. Many large commercial growers do not pay their staff a livable wage and expose them to harmful pesticides/fertilizers.
  4. By purchasing from local growers, you stimulate your local community & economy and help support urban farming in your neighborhood!

Here is a quick preview of our selection

Soil Amendments Available:

We are happy to partner with Revival Gardening, who is donating 10% of its sales to our mission of empowering all generations to grow food.

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Thank you for supporting our mission of empowering all generations to grow food


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