Making A Difference in
Central Florida

One Lawn To Farm At A Time

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Making A Difference in Central Florida

Community Gardens For The Homeless

Remington Inn and Suites is a motel unit that is mostly occupied by homeless families and individuals who require immediate access to affordable housing and fresh produce.

Making A Difference in Central Florida

Catalina Elementary School Garden

The Catalina Elementary School garden helps between 30 and 40 students with disabilities, and we are hoping to fundraise for their after school program for spring 2020.

Carver Middle School Garden

Carver Middle School is a Title 1 school with a high concentration of low-income students living on or below the federal poverty line. Their goal is to provide quality education to their students. They do this through shared responsibility in a safe and supportive environment for all students to meet the challenges of a global society.

Our Lawns To Farms Programming

Audubon Park Fleet Farmlettes

In 2014, during a community think-and-do tank known locally at The Hive run by the Nonprofit IDEAS For Us, community members gathered to discuss how Orlando, Florida could grow food locally with urban sprawl on the rise. John Rife, Heather Grove and Chris Castro saw an amazing potential to convert underutilized land, lawns, into farms with their very own community who wanted to see this action take root. Community members began to contact the team, donating whatever lawn space they could offer in exchange for 10% of the harvests.



Today, Fleet Farming is leading a team of “Fleet Farmers” to get active in local urban agriculture, grow food, and supply it to local communities.