Real, Damn Good Food

The Sanctum Cafe was founded on the idea that healthy food can also be wildly well prepared. Here, the process of creating health conscious meals goes beyond the kitchen. With a plant based menu, it is essential to chefs and business owners, Chelsie & Jamie Savage, that their ingredients are as fresh and as lively as possible. Their passion to serve customers “Real, Damn Good Food” leads them to purchase their greens from local farmers.

This week, the Fleet Team sat down with Chelsie and Emily Congdon, to talk about what hyper-local produce means to them from a chef’s perspective. “It doesn’t get fresher than something that was grown 2 miles away,” says Emily. “Something that was cut from the ground, washed, and delivered that day. Not sitting in a warehouse or a refrigerator truck for days. Our guests notice that.”

Sanctum has now been a supporter and distributor of our Fleet greens for over 2 years. Fleet Farming is honored to be able to serve with a similar mission to make fresh, healthy vegetables more accessible on a local level all while reducing our carbon footprint and supporting a sense of community.

We partner with Fleet Farming because we believe what they believe: that we need to reduce the environmental impact of food production and create a culture of healthy and vibrant ecosystems.” – Sanctum Cafe

Check out their location, hours, and menu options:

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