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Fleet Farming is a nonprofit urban agriculture program of IDEAS For Us whose mission is to empower all generations to grow food to increase local food accessibility.

We're shifting how the world eats

Fleet Farming is a non-profit urban agriculture program of IDEAS For Us whose mission is to empower all generations to grow food to increase local food accessibility. Our Vision is to create localized food systems that bring communities together towards a healthier, more connected world in harmony with people and planet. We accomplish this by converting underutilized lawn space into productive localized edible gardens or micro farms. Our program works to provide edible landscaping to schools, community centers, affordable housing units, businesses and individuals through our community farming initiative and Edible Landscapes garden installation service. Together, we are changing the cycle of food.

nonprofit urban agriculture program

Fleet Farming is a non-profit urban agriculture program of IDEAS For Us that transforms the average American lawn into a bio-verse, productive micro farms and edible gardens.


Our mission is to empower all generations to grow food to increase local food accessibility.

Get Involved: Change the Cycle of Food Through Local Action

We want to see every micro-farm thrive, so our team offers weekly, monthly, or seasonal maintenance services. Fleet Farming can come to revive overgrown raised beds, replace the soil, seeds, or plants, and even offer education to your staff, family, or personal interest in farming. Be prepared for the spring and summer growing seasons with the right crops and adequate soil amendments to ensure a successful harvest. Looking for gardening tips? Check out our Garden Resource page. Use the form below to request maintenance services for your garden.

Fleet Farming is empowering all generations to grow food to increase local food accessibility

Environmental Change

Our current food system is full of inefficiencies, many of which stem from fossil fuel use during food production and transportation. The typical American meal travels an average of 1,500 miles from farm to table. In the US, we expend ten calories of fossil fuel energy in the atmosphere for every calorie of food we consume due to the transportation of the produce.

Meanwhile, lawns are one of the largest sources of U.S. pollution. There are 40-million acres of grass lawns in America that absorb three million tons of chemical fertilizers and 30-thousand tons of pesticides each year while requiring 800 million gallons of gasoline for mowing. That’s why we transform these wasteful lawns into sustainable farm plots with produce sold to local vendors within a 5-mile radius.

Social Change

By hosting Swarm Rides, free community events within the vicinity of the local farmlettes, we lead volunteers on bicycles to engage in farming within residential neighborhoods and learn how to farm their own lawns. In conjunction with Swarm Rides, we offer internships with our mother non-profit IDEAS For Us that can be used as school credit towards college degrees.


Our programs and events provide important educational tools imperative for social change and national food security. Together, we can preserve the knowledge of how to feed oneself while providing healthy produce to local communities. Every neighborhood deserves the right to have healthy options in abundance right outside their front doors.

Economic Change

Urban agriculture stimulates the local economy by providing interest to businesses that are joining in the local food movement. Whether it’s local restaurants that are cycling in local food into their menus, or small businesses at farmers’ markets that are a part of bringing interest to communal shopping, our communities are catching on to the taste of organically grown food that is good for both ourselves and our environment.


With the average age of a U.S. farmer at 58 years old (USDA 2012 Census), Fleet Farming is training the next generation farmers through our Swarm Rides, free community events, and our internship program, ensuring a future of food producers.

Team-Building Events

Free Community Farming Events

We host private team-building Swarm Ride events as a service to promote corporate wellness, and offer companies and organizations the chance to get active outside and learn about growing food. This supports our mission of empowering all generations to grow food and increasing healthy food accessibility to all communities.

Enjoy the beautiful Florida weather and have a team-building bonding experience unlike any other, all while positively impacting our community and our planet.

Contact us today to schedule your Private Swarm.

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