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Edible Landscapes serves those in Central Florida that may be outside our in-ground Farmlette Program’s biking range that makes it easy for you to grow food for your family and friends.  We build and maintain raised garden bed installations, and fruit trees to grow more food and less lawns in Orlando, Florida.

Check out our Gardening Resource Page to get excited about growing food!


Cedar Raised Beds

Bring attention to your home or office with a Fleet Farming Cedar Raised Garden Bed. Our team installs raised beds fitted with drip irrigation on a timer, soil, seeds, plants, and a gardening guide. We seek to make it easy for Floridians to farm with an aesthetically, clean design raised bed.

Schedule a consultation today. Please consider making a donation to help us cover the cost of providing this service, and one of our farmers will be happy to help you create a garden design that works for you.

Join the growing community of front-yard farmers in the sunshine state.

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Food Forests

Fleet Farming now offers Food Forests! This is an edible farm made up of fruiting trees, perennial vegetables, and other long-term edible crops. As part of the growing edible landscaping movement, Food Forests tend to be low maintenance and full of tropical/sub-tropical plants such as banana, mango, avocado, perennial spinach, and more!

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Fruit Trees

Your home will be shaded by colorful leaves and fruit that you can pick and eat yourself! Try new flavors and see the variety of delicious goodies you can grow in your yard. Feel proud to have a productive source of healthy, fresh food that is also helping clean our air of excess carbon dioxide.

Promote biodiversity that is beyond needed and crucial. You will be strengthening habitats for wildlife by providing shelter for birds and snacks for small animals. Become part of the solution by showing your fellow Floridians that there are plenty of other amazing trees we can successfully grow here that aren’t orange groves.

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Vertical Gardens

We’re happy to provide a new low-cost farming option from GreenStalk Vertical Gardens.

These planters allow you to grow just about as much as you would be able to in a 4×8 ft raised bed (for the 5 levels, a 4×4 for the 3 levels).

Perfect for apartment balconies or anyone with limited yard space. Easily mobile and watered from the top down with an internal irrigation system.

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We want to see every micro-farm thrive, so our team offers weekly, monthly, or seasonal maintenance services. Fleet Farming can come to revive overgrown raised beds, replace soil, seeds, or plants, and even offer education to your staff, family, or personal interest in farming.

It is our honor to serve Orlando, Florida.

Learn more and schedule maintenance services HERE

Florida Alternative Landscapes

Florida Native Landscaping service of the 501c3 non-profit IDEAS For Us that focuses on building habitats using Florida Native Plants. The same team of Fleet Farming’s Edible Landscapes services is now offering these services with trained Horticulturalists on staff to help you plan the best plants for the best places. All plants a part of these services are easy to grow, easy to maintain, and aesthetically beautiful.

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Sponsor A Garden Build

Promote corporate wellness by scheduling a private swarm team-building event with us. We will happily host your company or organization at our beautiful farms, all in the effort of educating and empowering all generations to grow healthy, fresh food.

Become a hero and email us to schedule your garden sponsorship


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