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How We Work


Our team of garden experts meets with you in-person or online to design your garden to your exact needs.


We install raised garden beds, fruit trees, native landscaping, & more with our insured & friendly garden team.


We are here for support! We offer weekly, monthly, or quarterly affordable maintenance to see your garden thrive.

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Our Services

Garden Install. Packages

Growing in raised beds can help to increase nutrient availability, retain water, & avoid garden “weeds”. We offer raised beds fitted with these options:

– Cedar or Metal Raised Beds

– Drip irrigation On A Timer or Grow Oya Ceramic Irrigation Pots

– Canvas or Felt Easy To Move Beds


Native Landscaping

We offer Florida native plants! With a wide variety of hardy, Florida adapted plants, planting native (perhaps alongside your veggies) can provide aesthetically pleasing habitat to your Florida yard.

Fruit Tree Orchards

We offer Florida friendly fruit trees including:

*Avocado, Plum, Peach, Mulberry, Citrus, Banana, Blackberry, Blueberry, Cherry, Fig, Guava, Jaboticaba, Longan, Loquat, Lychee, Mango, Olive, Pomegranate, Starfruit, & more! 

Food Forests

We offer Food Forests! This is an edible garden made up of fruiting trees, perennial vegetables, and other long-term edible crops. As part of the growing edible landscaping movement, Food Forests are low maintenance and full of tropical/sub-tropical plants such as banana, mango, avocado, perennial spinach, and more!

Sustainable Landscaping

Mulched pathways alongside beautiful native flowers and other plants can make a clean and accessible garden. There are many ways to create a beautiful garden while being friendly to the environment!

*Low maintenance

Maintenance Packages

We want to see every garden thrive so our team offers weekly, monthly, or seasonal maintenance services. Edible Landscapes can come to revive overgrown raised beds, replace soil, seeds, or plants, and even offer education to your staff, family, or personal interest in gardening.

Just Looking For Maintenance?

Vertical Gardens

Need more garden with less space? Grow UP with our low-cost option. These planters allow you to grow just about as much as you would be able to in a 4×8 ft raised bed (for the 5 levels, a 4×4 for the 3 levels).


Plant Nursery

Not only do we source from local plant nurseries but we have our own greenhouses as well! Whatever you are looking for, we’ve got you covered with easy to grow, Florida friendly hardy plant varieties. 

Aquatic Landscaping

Yes, our team of professional growers even offers shoreline, lake, or littoral landscaping options! Grow native plants that help to improve the water in your area, provide habitat, & create a beautiful shoreline.

I'm Ready To Transform My Yard!

Sponsor A Garden Build

Make a difference in your corner of the world by sponsoring a school, homeless shelter, women’s center, or other community in need. These gardens can start at a $5,000 donation and benefit those most in need of fresh & healthy food and the therapeutic experience of gardening.

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on a few factors: the size of the garden you want, the size of your yard, and the distance from our nursery HQ to your house. Typically the base cost for one of our garden installations is around $700. The median rate our average garden will cost aroun $2,500. If you want a an entire landscaping overhaul and transformation, the cost can be closer to $10,000 +. Factors that increase the pricing are amount of garden beds, size of food forestry, amount of plants, labor, and irrigation.

We typically ask for a 50% deposit to begin construction, and the rest upon completion.

You decide how large or small you want your garden to be, and where you would like it to be placed. We encourage you to be a part of the growing experience and we are happy to offer maintenances to support you in your gardening journey.

No. The front-yard farmlettes are a limited Fleet Farming program, and currently only exist in the Audubon Park neighborhood of Orlando, where we tend to about 15 front-yard farms within very close proximity to each other.

For an additional fee, we offer weekly maintenance services. Our goal is to empower you to grow your own food, however we are here for support and education! We strongly recommend seasonal maintenance services with us to refresh the soil in your garden. For additional guidance, check out our Garden Resources and Remote Education Services.

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