Your Guide to Recycling

“What can I recycle?” “But where do I recycle this?” “Can I throw anything into my home recycling bin?”  “Does this even make a difference?” With today’s growing population and new lifestyle changes, it seems like it’s almost impossible to make a difference for our earth. So, what’s the point in recycling? Truth is, recycling today has become… Continue reading Your Guide to Recycling

Planet Earth vs. Plastic

Plastic: once seen as an industrial miracle, but, now it’s only become our planet’s worst nightmare. One of the most dire issues we face as a planet is the plastic problem. All life on our planet is affected, whether we directly realize it or not. Plastic has only been mass-produced since the 1950’s and the… Continue reading Planet Earth vs. Plastic

Deeper Than Hunger: Fleet Talks with Lynn and Aminah of Parramore

Lynn Nicholson and Aminah Hamidullah, longtime residents and activists in the Parramore community, spoke with Fleet Farming’s very own Lee Perry to discuss America’s shift from community supported agriculture to our current industrialized food system. Growing up between Tallahassee and Tampa, Florida, Aminah recalls her mother’s garden.   “I grew up where my mother was… Continue reading Deeper Than Hunger: Fleet Talks with Lynn and Aminah of Parramore

Our Plastic Problem

Small Price for Businesses, Big Costs to Our Planet The Ocean Conservancy organization has collected over 200 million pounds of waste from the ocean over the last 30 years. That includes straws, plastic bags, water bottles, cigarette filters, plastic utensils, and more. There is no number that exists for how much plastic bags have been used… Continue reading Our Plastic Problem

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