Fleet Fruits

What is Fleet Fruits?

Fleet Fruits is a nonprofit program of Fleet Farming supporting fruit tree gleaning, planting, and care. This program helps to prevent food waste from local fruit trees and distributes fruit throughout our community.

It’s common that fruit trees within our communities have fruit that becomes “forgotten”, either not being harvested when they are ripe, producing too many fruits for one family to consume, or needing some extra TLC to thrive for fruit production. As a result, ripe fruit goes to waste. Whatever the case may be, Fleet Fruits has got your back! We love to care for fruit trees so everyone can enjoy the benefits of local fruit.

How Does It Work?

Joining our Fleet Fruits program ensures the maintenance of your fruit trees. Whenever your tree starts to flower we will bring an organic compost fertilizer mixture to your tree as well as mulch to go on top of it. Whenever your fruits are ready to harvest we will pick the fruit, give requested amount to the homeowner, and take any surplus fruits to sell and donate around the community. Depending on the fruit production of the tree we may have to schedule multiple harvest dates. We will always email ahead of time when we will be coming to maintenance the tree. To learn more and sign up, reach out to our team in the form below and let’s make this year abundant with fruit!

Sign Up For Fleet Fruits

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