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Remington Inn & Suites Garden

Remington Inn and Suites is a motel unit that is mostly occupied by homeless families and individuals who require immediate access to affordable housing. Fleet Farming has created a video and proposal with their dedicated Facility Managers to develop a community garden for current residents. The hope is that the garden will help to serve therapeutic and educational opportunities for families while providing 100% of the harvests to these residents.

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Carver Middle School Garden

Carver Middle School is a title one school which provides financial assistance to schools with high numbers or high percentages of children from low-income families to help ensure that all children meet challenging state academic standards. Our team of growers and educators created a proposal with leaders of Carver Middle to build a school garden to help improve test scores and teach children vital skills through this garden. Through this garden, we hope to provide an educational space for hundreds of students.

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Coalition For The Homeless Garden

Coalition of the Homeless of Central Florida is a non-profit organization that helps families and individuals find their way home with a focus on shelter, stability and housing. As the largest provider of homeless services in the community, the Coalition offers crucial programs and resources to more than 500 men, women, and children each day. By installing multiple gardens on the Coalition’s campus, we will create a learning and growing experience for their guests of all ages. The gardens will also provide a sustainable source of fresh herbs and produce to be used in their kitchens, which served over 250,000 meals last year.

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Quest, Inc. Garden

Quest, Inc is a non-profit organization whose mission is to build communities where people with disabilities achieve their goals.  An idea that their dedicated team had dreamed up was to create an edible garden to expand the skills of this community. Our goal for this project is to add raised beds to their location and to create seasonal curriculum for a gardening program. Through developing a skill set such as this, individuals with developmental disabilities can learn how to grow their own food.

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Evan's High School Garden

Evans High School is a public school that works to build a strong, academic foundation based on state and national standards. After touring their campus, it was clear that a partnership with Fleet Farming would be an opportunity for every student in their ‘Rise Up’ Garden Club to participate in. Our goal is to help demonstrate multifaceted systems for growing food for high school students. Our plan is to fix-up their current garden beds, add new garden beds, and to renovate their greenhouse irrigation system to support a fully sustainable gardening program.

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Completed Projects and Success Stories

ACE School

Orlando City Soccer Foundation and Orlando Health generously funded a Fleet Farming Garden installation at the OCPS Academic Center for Excellence in Parramore, West Orlando. This school has had edible education since 2016 and now has a weekly gardening club, giving students a chance to have a hands-on learning experience in an outdoor classroom.

Inspiring the next generation to the beauty of growing food and being connected to the Earth is crucial to ensuring a sustainable future for our planet and maximizing accessibility to healthy foods.

Orlando City Soccer Foundation’s generous support of Fleet Farming, along with Dr. Phillips Foundation,  has led to gardens being installed at various other beautiful schools.

Learn more on our blog here.

Florida Hospital

The Winter Park Memorial Hospital has partnered with Fleet Farming to introduce wheelchair-accessible garden beds to their campus. What better way to represent a mission towards health and wellness, than to grow vibrant, happy veggies as an oasis for nature and health? This edible landscape will now be providing high-yielding produce to feed the community year-round. What was once an empty courtyard is now a place of peace, solace, and tranquility for staff, patients, and visitors. Planted right below the Intensive Care Unit, patients can now look outside of their windows and be greeted with a piece of nature and community on what would otherwise be underutilized lawn space.

Learn more on our blog here.

Catalina Elementary School

Toyota Executives from New York to Japan joined together to grow food for children hungry for a school garden by supporting Fleet Farming with the funds to build a school garden at a 100% free and reduced lunch school, Catalina Elementary in Orlando, Florida.

After a long day of building, planting, and working together, we were able to develop an edible landscape on Catalina’s campus. Lush with a long food forest of fruit trees and 10 raised garden build, students and staff can now engage in edible and educational experiences. Planted with Florida Friendly plant varieties, this space now serves as an outdoor classroom to incorporate hands-on learning for subjects ranging from science to mathematics.

Learn more on our blog here.

Audubon Park Fleet Farmlettes

In 2014, during a community think-and-do tank known locally at The Hive run by the Nonprofit IDEAS For Us, community members gathered to discuss how Orlando, Florida could grow food locally with urban sprawl on the rise. John Rife, Heather Grove and Chris Castro saw an amazing potential to convert underutilized land, lawns, into farms with their very own community who wanted to see this action take root. Community members began to contact the team, donating whatever lawn space they could offer in exchange for 10% of the harvests. Today, Director Lee Perry is leading a team of “Fleet Farmers” to get active in local urban agriculture, grow food, and supply it to local communities. The project is currently supported by local restaurants such as The Sanctum, Lazy Moon Pizza, and Florida and Co. as well as local farmer’s markets in Audubon Park, Winter Park, and soon to be Parramore.

Parramore Fleet Farmlettes

As part of the USDA’s Farmer’s Market and Local Food Promotion Program, Fleet Farming has opened a new branch in West Orlando, in the neighborhoods of Parramore and Holden Heights, an amazing community that deserves an urban agriculture program to match. Parramore is currently classified as a low-income food desert where fresh food accessibility is limited. We are bringing our urban agriculture program to this area to farm residential and commercial land. An estimated 10% of our harvest from these plots can be shared with the direct residents of these locations and will also provide excess food to the Parramore Farmers Market at the Orlando City Soccer Stadium.


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