Cycles and Sprouts

Since the fall of 2017, both adult and youth students across west Orlando – from Holden Heights to Parramore to Pine Hills – have participated in Cycles and Sprouts, an urban gardening and bicycle repair educational program funded by the Aetna Foundation. It is one of many health and wellness projects that were awarded funding… Continue reading Cycles and Sprouts

Plant Friendly Coconut Curry and Rice Recipe

Courtesy of The Endless Meal

If you wish to have a vegetarian and vegan friendly meal that can extend to lunch or dinner for more than one day, this is the loose recipe for you! The following is a loose recipe that is malleable enough to tweak to your desire while still staying true to the intended essence. When looking at… Continue reading Plant Friendly Coconut Curry and Rice Recipe

Florida’s 7 Wild Edible Plants

Little did you know, but Florida harbors a variety of edible wild plants that may be in your very own backyard! Many people identify plants as “weeds” when they actually may be medicinal edible plants. It is crucial to learn and become aware of our environment and identify native plant species to further preserve our… Continue reading Florida’s 7 Wild Edible Plants

Conscious Eating is Beyond the Farm, it’s Farmworker to Table

“The Harvesters” depicts three Coalition of Immokalee Workers cofounders: Gerardo Reyes Chavez, Nely Rodriguez, and Lucas Benitez. They are harvesting tomatoes. © Erin Currier.

Social concern regarding food is reaching more households across the United States. Americans are becoming more invested about where their food comes from, and how its sourced. Farm-to-table or farm-to-fork movements are pushing for more local foods in schools and restaurants. Interest in organics are becoming more popular in conversation. But, what if this collective… Continue reading Conscious Eating is Beyond the Farm, it’s Farmworker to Table