December 8th, 2012-Orlando, Florida: The exterior of a motel room at the Remington Inn off of Interstate 4 in Northern Orlando. The Remington has become a home for many homeless families in the area who cannot afford standard rental apartments. The American Motel, once created to stimulate business travel and tourism across the country, have over the years become home to many who are unable to come up with high deposits to rent apartments or in more recent years have been evicted or foreclosed on in light of the ensuing economic recession. Florida is home to 1/3 of the country's homeless families, who often times find temporary refuge in the many motels which line strips, ironically such as those surrounding Disney World. These families are one step away from living on the streets, scraping together what they can to get a room or relying on generous charity from organizations or individuals, while they do whatever they can to get back on their feet. Photo Credit: Nadia Shira Cohen

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