Cabernet+Namaste: Taking the Quantum Leap

Leap into local wine! Quantum Leap is a local winery that is reinventing the wine-to-market delivery process by taking eco-friendly measures, assuring that the customer has a sustainably sourced and delicious drinking experience. Their model is to search for top quality, sustainably grown wines from small producers around the world and then reduce their carbon footprint by delivering wine in large vessels to be processed at the Orlando Winery. Owner Jill Ramsier, a former food and beverage industry executive, and David Forrester, an environmental industry pioneer, demonstrate a quantum leap of faith in their shared affection and knowledge of wine and wine-making. We are proud to partner with this local business who shares the mission to think globally and act locally.

On January 25th, Quantum Leap showed their support for Fleet Farming by combining yoga and wine for a fun night in benefit of our urban agriculture program. Guests came out to show their love and “wine”-down with some vinyasas and a glass of the most sustainably sourced spirit in Orlando, making a little Namaste and Cabernet go a long way!

Global thought and local action are key to making an impact within and beyond one’s community. Thankfully, we are not alone in our mission to develop revolutionary methods to improve our sense of community and take responsibility for our environment. We thank Quantum Leap for not only supporting us through their business but for taking initiative to find an environmental issue and develop unique solutions through their passion as we do.

For more info on the Quantum Leap Winery and to check out their next yoga event, please visit:

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