Callahan Oaks ONIC Garden Build In Parramore

In 1989, Callahan Oaks became one of the first affordable housing projects of the Orlando Neighborhood Improvement Corporation (ONIC), a not-for-profit housing development company in Central Florida. This organization also provides their inhabitants with a Resident Services Program (RSP), giving residents the opportunity and access to programs and services that promote much-needed workforce enhancements, increase independent living, and be empowered and supported in making positive life choices.

We admire ONIC’s efforts to provide more than just housing for their residents through their Resident Service Program, and wanted to offer our services in support, cross-promoting a similar mission to promote a healthier, more connected community. We are now honored to partner with the members of Callahan Oaks in its efforts to enrich their RSP by introducing urban agriculture to their landscape. On install day, the residents of Callahan Oaks and our Fleet Farmers came together to install raised garden beds on an otherwise unutilized lawn space. The collaboration made for a fun and engaging experience with the outcome of a local food system, with continuous use for nutritional, educational, and communal purposes. This garden build will be maintained by our Fleet Farmers and community members who wish to take part in our Swarm Ride events in West Orlando. The produce grown here will be sharecropped with the Callahan Oak’s residents and the access will be provided to the community at Parramore’s SNAP certified Farmers’ Market.

We would like to thank all of the residents and members of Callahan Oaks for helping us make this possible, and ONIC for striving to be a leader in providing stable, thriving communities. With such partnerships and community involvement, we are able to have a much stronger positive impact than we ever could accomplish on our own.

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