Fleet Farming Fall Festival at Maya Papaya Organic Farm

Last November, we hosted the Fleet Farming Fall Festival at the Maya Papaya Organic Farm complete with yoga, workshops, music, and great food! We started the morning with yoga and meditation lead by Samantha Soto before our program director, Lee Perry, led a farming workshop on moringa tree planting and transplanting vegetables and greens. Other presentations and classes included Ignite Nature Yoga Flow by Susanna Barkataki, educational sessions by Julie Wilder, how to build a raised bed garden by the Fleet Farming Installs Team, gardening by Tom Carey from Sundew Gardens, and agroecology by Tia Silvasy. We had a wonderful day on the farm sharing and exchanging knowledge on growing food and the importance of sustainability in food production!

The Maya Papaya Organic Farm has been growing organic produce for over six years while also hosting a multitude of classes and workshops that focus on teaching children how to grow food and care for our planet. Located only a few miles from the bustling University of Central Florida, the Maya Papaya is a space dedicated to the sustainable production of food through the principles of organic agriculture, permaculture, aquaponics and more. Through shared principles of sustainable farming and environmental education, Fleet Farming hopes to partner with Maya Papaya Organic Farm to create a permanent agricultural retreat where the community can gather to be educated and empowered to grow food through sustainable urban farming. Finding funding support is fundamental to the creation of this retreat! If you are interested in funding this mission please contact info@fleetfarming.org.

We love and thank you for your support!

Special thanks to our vendors: DeAzucar Bakery, Precious Williams, Toy Library of Central Florida, Orlando Permaculture, Body of Animal Rights Campaign, New Moon Juice, Curbside Chef, and DJ Taj!

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