Lukas Nursery & Butterfly Encounter

If you are looking for a beautiful oasis to clear your mind and enjoy the outdoors, Lukas Nursery is the perfect place to do so. The fourth generation, family-owned business has been serving the Central Florida community for over 100 years.

The Oviedo nursery provides one of the most diverse landscape plant selections. They offer a wide selection of  indoor and patio plants. Their organic and synthetic gardening tools will satisfy all of your plant growing needs. Lukas Nursery offers customers over 2,000 exotic plants to choose from, including orchids, succulents, and bonsai trees. Their versatile plant collection offers affordable options for your garden and home. Adding plants to your house decor will make your home all the more lively and vibrant.

The nursery’s native butterfly encounter is one of the largest in the state of Florida. For only $6, you can walk through a 4,000 square ft conservatory and engage with the largest variety of native butterflies and finches. The exhibit features a stunning garden, water features, and roaming butterflies that can be fed by visitors daily. Caterpillars and chrysalises can be spotted nearby, preparing to hatch and eventually spread their wings. Children love being surrounded by friendly monarchs and watching them eat off their fingertips. If you are interested in taking one home, you can even purchase a butterfly at Lukas Nursery. These butterflies are often released at special occasions, such as weddings and memorial services. 

Lukas Nursery offers weekly garden specials and exclusive coupons, which can all be found on their website by signing up for their newsletter. Every Wednesday, Seniors will receive an additional 10% off their purchase. Their events and festivities provide a bonding community experience, such as an annual family Fall Festival which includes a pumpkin patch, hayride, pony rides, and more!

Plant lovers will definitely want to consider attending one of Lukas Nursery’s weekly seminars. On February 9th, they had their most recent seminar, dedicated to teaching the community how to rejuvenate and prune their roses to have them fully blooming in time for spring. The nursery also had an exotic orchids display just in time for Valentine’s Day. Employees can even help you build your own butterfly garden at home with the perfect assortment of nectar plants that will attract local butterflies to your backyard! If this is of interest to you, check out their Butterfly Garden Guide below.

This guide includes host plants for caterpillars and nectar plant suggestions for butterflies to expand your garden.   

Go soak up some sun and see it for yourself! Lukas Nursery is located at 1909 Slavia Rd, Oviedo, FL 32765.



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