Cabernet+Namaste: Taking the Quantum Leap

Leap into local wine! Quantum Leap is a local winery that is reinventing the wine-to-market delivery process by taking eco-friendly measures, assuring that the customer has a sustainably sourced and delicious drinking experience. Their model is to search for top quality, sustainably grown wines from small producers around the world and then reduce their carbon… Continue reading Cabernet+Namaste: Taking the Quantum Leap

Whole Foods 5% Day Community Giving Program

Fleet Farming was incredibly honored to receive an extremely generous donation from the Whole Foods 5% Day Community Giving Program! On January 11th, 3 Whole Foods Orlando locations donated 5% of their revenue to Fleet Farming! This generous donation of $12,700 will go towards increasing farming in the Parramore / Holden Heights area to bring… Continue reading Whole Foods 5% Day Community Giving Program

U.N. Food Gardens

Fleet Farming recognized by the United Nations Food Gardens Initiative for “outstanding efforts to further sustainable urban agriculture and contribute to the food security and well being of their community.” The United Nations Food Gardens initiative was developed from the premise that community food gardens can serve as an excellent source of local produce while… Continue reading U.N. Food Gardens

Head Start at Knowledge For Living

Networking with leaders within our neighborhoods has made way for partnerships that promote a healthier, more connected community. Parramore’s “Head Start” program at the Callahan Oaks Community Center and Knowledge for Living Center has helped us provide raised garden bed installations along with a hands-on education opportunity for their students, teachers, and volunteers. Nationally recognized,… Continue reading Head Start at Knowledge For Living

Callahan Oaks ONIC Garden Build In Parramore

In 1989, Callahan Oaks became one of the first affordable housing projects of the Orlando Neighborhood Improvement Corporation (ONIC), a not-for-profit housing development company in Central Florida. This organization also provides their inhabitants with a Resident Services Program (RSP), giving residents the opportunity and access to programs and services that promote much-needed workforce enhancements, increase independent… Continue reading Callahan Oaks ONIC Garden Build In Parramore

ACE School Seeding Event

In 1886, the African American school, Orlando Black, now existing as Jones High School, opened its doors in Orlando’s Parramore neighborhood. Until the mid 20th century, the Florida State Constitution required that black students and white students be educated in separate spaces. In fact, for many years, Jones High was the only high school in… Continue reading ACE School Seeding Event

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