The History of Victory Gardening, And Why We Should Bring Back Victory Gardens

During the First and Second World Wars, the concept of Victory Gardening or Victory Gardens, also known as War Gardens, was developed to provide food on the Home Front through urban and suburban agriculture. Victory Gardens were usually grown by individuals and families in their backyards to counter wartime food shortages. During the World Wars,… Continue reading The History of Victory Gardening, And Why We Should Bring Back Victory Gardens

The Urban Agriculture Pilot Project Act

The Florida Senate Bill 628 finds it “necessary to distinguish between farms on traditional rural farm land and the emerging trends towards urban agriculture”1 and has created a new program, the Urban Agriculture Pilot Project, under the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.
The bill was approved by Governor DeSantis on June 17, 2021 and takes effect on July 1, 2021.1

Biochar 101: How to Enrich Your Compost with Biochar

Do you have compost in your backyard and want to make it even more rich and fertile? The IDEAS Hive interviewed Lorenzo Monduy Jr, the designer and face behind My Community Compost to talk about biochar, composting, and his Gasifier invention. What is biochar?  Monduy describes biochar, or black carbon, as an “Electrocarbon sponge to manage carbon across the… Continue reading Biochar 101: How to Enrich Your Compost with Biochar

Find Your Inner Peas

Imagine stepping outside to your front or back yard and seeing a display of luscious crops gleaming against the sun. These nutritious ingredients are only a few feet away from your kitchen, easily accessible at any time of the day. Now, for those of you who have not already turned this into reality and are… Continue reading Find Your Inner Peas

Gardening For Renters

Photo by Cherry Laithang on Unsplash

The discourse surrounding the health and environmental benefits of growing your own fruits and vegetables is growing in awareness, and for good reason. Many people are choosing to utilize their backyards and lawns with Fleet Farming to cultivate gardens of fresh produce, but what can those living in an apartment or renting a home do… Continue reading Gardening For Renters

The Buzz about Bee Condos!

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During National Pollinator Week last month, the UCF Arboretum hosted a bee condo building event to showcase just how easy it is to help pollinators thrive in your own garden by providing a home for them. It was a typical hot and sunny summer day here in Central Florida, but that didn’t stop numerous students,… Continue reading The Buzz about Bee Condos!